Version:2.3.6  Size:7.68M
You can read WePTT use documents. Using Document of Push To Talk and Using Document of Dispatch Console
You can send an email to service@weptt.com to get the account.

  • Large Group Voice

    Real-time push to talk of thousands of people, message, image, recording, instant sending and receiving, call history, referring to and replaying messages

  • Powerful Platform Management

    Complete backend management system that meets the group requirements of large-scale, medium-scale and small-scale enterprises; rich multilevel packet dispatching management abilities

  • On-site Supports

    Accurately position the site, report images and videos in real time, call the terminals and dispatch center at any time to provide on-site supports.

  • Command and Dispatch Abilities

    Position all users on the map, conduct the interaction with the selected terminal, support the break-in and forced release abilities, replay the historical running data of the users and broadcast in real time.

  • International Performance Standard

    Ultra-low power consumption; the most advanced compression technique is adopted for the voice transmission to make the net flow of calls reach the international minimum level.

  • Data Security

    High encryption and decryption transmission and real-time backup of multiple data to make sure that the users’ data are absolutely safe and reliable.