Haoliantech focuses on the audio and video application research and development on various wireless network, including GSM, WCDMA, LTE and 5G. Our core technologies are applied to wide business and security areas, such as Security system, Firing protecting and IOT.
Since its establishment in 2009, Haoliantech has made significant breakthroughs in core technologies and obtained a number of technical intellectual property rights. Meanwhile, it has also become a member of OMA international industry standards association and actively participated in the formulation of international standards for related technologies. At present we are developing the next generation product to be compatible with 3GPP MCPTT/MCVideo/MCData standards.
As a listed product of the public security system, our PoC (Push-to-talk over cellular) platform has been used by the security bureau of the ministry of public security, technical investigation department, fire protection bureau etc. It has become a key communication and security facility in international conferences such as Boao forum, CICA conference and APEC conference.
Haoliantech started to explore overseas markets in 2013, has signed cooperation with several overseas operators, involving Taiwan, HongKong, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Russia and other countries. Customers cover hotels, logistics, security, police and other industries. Compete with the same kind of products on the market, our PoC system in the back-end has the advantage on its high availability and scalability, the front-end has more adaptability to support multiple kinds of android terminal and professional terminal.

  • Large Group Communication

    Real-time PTT of thousands of members, message, image, recording, live video, location, call history, retrieve and replay multimedia messages

  • Powerful Platform Management

    Complete backend management system that meets the requirements of large-scale, medium-scale and small-scale enterprises; rich dispatching management abilities with multilevel grouping.

  • On-site Supports

    Accurate positioning, report images and videos in real time, call the dispatch center at any time, provide on-site supports.

  • Command and Dispatch Abilities

    Conduct the interaction with the selected users, support the break-in and forced release abilities, locate all clients on the map, replay user’s tracks and broadcast the text or voice messages in real time.

  • International Performance Level

    Ultra-low power consumption; the most advanced compression technique is adopted for the voice transmission so that the call flows are reduced to the international minimum level.

  • Data Security

    High encryption and decryption transmission and real-time backup of multiple data to make sure that the users’ data are absolutely safe and reliable.

  • DATANG H958

    Wide & Narrow band fusion intercom terminal
    Public network intercom + DMR dual standby
    2.0" QVGA
    1.1GHz Quad-core
    2GB RAM/16GB ROM
    Rear Camera 5MP
    IP68 durability protection

  • YSFEN M22

    Minismart rugged phone
    2.45 HD IPS
    MT6737 Octa-core 1.5G
    2G RAM+16G ROM
    Front camera 2MP / Rear camera 5MP
    2 x Micro SIM Card
    IP68 durability protection

  • DATANG T32e

    Industry intercom dedicated terminal
    2.4 QVGA
    1.5GHz Quad-Core
    Rear camera 2MP
    IP68 durability protection

  • YSFEN B6000

    smart rugged phone
    5.0 HD OGS
    MT6755 Octa-core 1.5G
    4G RAM+64G ROM
    Front camera 5MP / Rear camera 13MP
    2 x Micro SIM Card
    IP68 durability protection
    Support all 4G LTE network

  • DATANG T70

    Premium security terminal
    High-precision Beidou Centimeter Positioning
    IP68/69 double supreme protection level
    4.7 FWVGA
    8Core 2.0GHz
    3GB RAM/32GB ROM
    Front camera 5MP, Rear camera 13MP

  • YSFEN B9000

    smart rugged phone
    5.5 FHD
    MT6757 Octa-core 2.6G
    6G RAM+128G ROM
    Front camera 8MP / Rear camera 16MP/21MP
    2 x Micro SIM Card
    IP68 durability protection
    Support all 4G LTE network

User Manual of WePTT
User Manual of Dispatch Console